Pamper Yourself and Your Cat

Super Clumping

It absorbs the liquid with its excellent clumping effect and clumps instantly. With this feature, the reproduction of all kinds of bacteria that can harm you and your cat is prevented.

Non Stick to Paws

During production, the amount of dust has been reduced to a minimum by passing through special processes in order to prevent dust from occurring in the environment used by the consumer.

Maximum deodorization

Activated Carbon Technology captures and traps odors instead of masking them. Your home smells sweet with its special fragrances.

300% Water Absorption Capacity

Specially formulated high absorbency clumping clay reduces friability, which produces firm and easy-to-weed lumps.

You deserve the best

100% natural

  • Goldlife cat litter does not contain any chemicals that could harm your and your cat’s health due to the use of completely natural bentonite.
  • In addition to preventing the spread of bad odors to the environment, Goldlife cat litter gives a pleasant smell to the environment in case of contact with liquid.

For Your little Friends…

Pamper your little friend and yourself with 10 different Goldlife cats