Life Sand

We love cats and we know they need the right environment to thrive, which is why we’ve been working on making super clumping cat litter perfect for over 30 years.

The secret to its unrivaled clumping power is high quality premium clay, and our activated carbon technology provides maximum odor control.

Cats are always our priority, so we think you’ll love it as Life Sand will make your home feel fresh for a long time.

Always for the better ..

Our Values

Your home is your cat’s living space and we believe every cat deserves an environment in which they can live well.

That’s why we live to the highest standards, strive for continuous improvement, and learn more about cats every day. We want to better understand the behavior, psychology and care of cats.

If you share our values, we hope to work together to create a world where every cat can find the opportunity to thrive with health and peace.